Month: October 2017

What Happened: Part 7

In What Happened, Hillary Clinton alternates between discussing her political and personal life. The more personal chapters are the ones that I find the most touching and interesting. Regardless of her politics, if you just boil Clinton down to a human being with a life and a family and wants

Dragon Teeth: Chapter 4

Now that Johnson has learned photography and purchased a scary number of firearms that Professor Marsh required, he has to complete the most terrifying preparation of all: telling his family what he’s going to be doing. He travels to Philadelphia (a city that Professor Marsh hates for reasons still unknown)

What Happened: Part 6

In this chapter, Clinton moves from the personal to the political sphere. Clinton discusses the importance of the personal narrative in a political campaign. Clinton’s narrative is probably defined by her proximity to the American Feminist movement. She embraced the movement as she grew up, and wanted to work to

What Happened: Part 5

In the fifth part of What Happened, Clinton describes the day to day process of running for office. She describes the struggle of finding a balance between keeping up with the pace that campaigning requires while still staying safe from burning out completely. This chapter is dedicated to anyone that

What Happened: Part 4

The fourth chapter of Clinton’s account of the 2016 election is called, ironically, “getting started.” And Clinton tells the story of the very beginning of her campaign in 2014. I don’t think I can put it any better than she did: “I think it started with something a lot more

What Happened: Part 3

The third chapter of What Happened is called “Get Caught Trying”. Clinton describes her decision to run for president for the second time. After her primary run in 2008, she tried again in 2016. Her campaign really began as far back as 2014. Clinton describes her views of the problems

Dragon Teeth: Chapter 3

The third chapter of Dragon Teeth follows Johnson as he learns to take photographs. You know, like he said that he knew how to do since his youth in the previous chapter. He gets twenty lessons in wet plate photography for the “outrageous sum of fifty dollars”. It’s odd that

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