Mini-Bio: Michael Crichton

So, It’s come time to discuss the first book I plan to read for this blog!
(drum roll)
Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton!

This book came out in May of this year, and I’ve been DYING to read it. As a kid, I was (and I remain) a huge Jurassic Park fan. That was my first exposure to his work. Both the book and the film turned me on to science fiction and the film remains my favorite until this day.

So, what’s his deal? I thought I’d give a quick introduction to the author before I dive into this book.

Michael Crichton started writing to pay his way through medical school. Initially, he wrote under several different pseudonyms, and he didn’t use his own name for about a decade.

Crichton has authored books, screenplays, essays, articles, just so many things. Even after his death in 2008, so far three posthumous works have been published, Dragon Teeth being one of them.

I would definitely recommend his books, and I’m so excited to be experiencing a brand new work with you!

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