Dragon Teeth: Chapter 1

The first chapter of Dragon Teeth is pretty short. Only a few pages.

What happens in that few pages? We get to meet William Johnson. William…Johnson. I sincerely hope that this character gets a redemption arc or some serious character development. Johnson is not somebody that I would want to meet in real life. He’s entitled, inconsiderate, and basically embodies every aspect of toxic masculinity. In other words…I really want to see what happens to him.

William throws himself into a bit of a predicament with his so-called “arch-rival”, Harold Hannibal Marlin. William is planning a trip to Europe, but changes all of his plans simply because Harold makes fun of him. Honestly, as much as this situation would exasperate me in real life, I live for this type of character having their comeuppance. While I wouldn’t call William Johnson or Harold Marlin likeable characters, but I get the feeling that hte rest of this books is going to be a rather cathartic experience.

Crichton seems to be fully aware that William Johnson is, for lack of a better word, a douche. He’s just as aware of his shortcomings as William Golding was of the boys in Lord of the Flies. This chapter seems to set up a difficult, but educational, journey for Johnson, and if he gets out of it alive, it will not be unchanged.

The first chapter of Dragon Teeth hits the ground running, and sets the stage for exactly the type of protaganist that the reader is to expect.

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