What Happened: Part 3

The third chapter of What Happened is called “Get Caught Trying”.

Clinton describes her decision to run for president for the second time. After her primary run in 2008, she tried again in 2016. Her campaign really began as far back as 2014.

Clinton describes her views of the problems that the United States has, and what she planned to do with her presidency. She was confident in her capability as a politician and her ability to perform presidential duties. Still, she was extremely hesitant to do so. She is fully aware of the criticism that she faces, and the way that many of her critics see her. It must have been terrifying to willing throw herself back into the line of fire.

This chapter describes a lot of contradictions. People assumed her motive was a simple grab for power, yet still needed a complex explanation. Her campaign involved interacting with thousands of people, but in the end, it was her name alone on the ballot. She worked closely with people that had campaigned against her in 2008. It must be so weird to be in politics. All of the awful things that people say to and about one another, and yet they are still co-workers. If I had that kind of tense relationship with my co-workers, I don’t know if I could handle it. As much as politics can divide us, no matter where we live, it cannot be an easy job. That’s what I love about books like this. It reminds us that there is more to people than what they are willing to proclaim from a stage. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement, but these are human beings. Human beings with flaws and ambitions and fears and dreams. It’s easy to forget that, but just as these people have huge amounts of power and influence, they are fallible just like every single one of their constituents.

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