Dragon Teeth: Chapter 4

Now that Johnson has learned photography and purchased a scary number of firearms that Professor Marsh required, he has to complete the most terrifying preparation of all: telling his family what he’s going to be doing. He travels to Philadelphia (a city that Professor Marsh hates for reasons still unknown) straight into a twentieth century advertisement. In fact, anyone that is well-versed into the vernacular of the late 1800’s, feel free to tell me: Did people really say something is “a capital idea”? Like, it sounds like Crichton is satirizing an out of touch rich Philadelphia family.

Additionally, I’ve seen a few instances of toxic masculinity, never in a sympathetic character. Johnson describes his mother’s worry over his trip as “Maternal and foolish.” I feel that Crichton is going to deconstruct or satirize toxic masculinity, and I really hope that I’m right. I won’t spoil the last sentence of the chapter, but it leads me to believe that Johnson is going to learn that pride goeth before the fall.

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