What Happened: Part 8

Turning back to politics, Clinton talks about some of the more divisive issues facing Americans: gun violence and police misconduct.

In 2015, Clinton met with the mothers of victims of gun violence, and specifically racially motivated violence. This is an incredibly difficult topic to write about. For one thing, I don’t have the experience of being black in America. I don’t have the experience of being black anywhere. All I can hope to do is to listen to others people’s experiences and believe their experiences and accept that we see the world in different ways. Everyone does. Clinton also goes into the ever so controversial Black Lives Matter movement. The message seems so clear to those who care to listen to what they have to say. Do they mean to say “Only Black Lives Matter” or do they mean to say “Black Lives Matter As Well“?

But I digress. Clinton spends a lot of time in this chapter talking about gun control. Another hot button issue. One that is certain to ruin thanksgiving dinner conversation. Clinton is in favor of common sense gun laws. And when she explains her stance on the issue, she makes a lot of sense. No, she doesn’t want to “come after our guns”. But, should someone who has been convicted of violent crimes in the past be allowed to own a deadly weapon? Should a person with reasonable signs that they wouldn’t be able to responsibly handle that sort of dangerous weapon in their possession be allowed to have one? On the other hand, should someone living in a rural area with a taste for venison and who is willing to take gun safety certification to prove their competency be allowed to have a rifle? Should people that want to own something that can kill a person instantly be required to prove that they can handle that responsibility? Clinton herself has gone duck hunting and was proud of her single kill. But she still understands the danger that guns have, and wants to find a way to balance safety with the second amendment.

Clinton says that she has faced some difficulty against the NRA. Even when most gun owners would agree with common sense gun control. This chapter is full of the frustration that everyone, not just Clinton, feels when it comes to common sense gun control. She met with mothers that had lost their children to gun violence. All of them want to take measures to prevent other parents from having to go through what they went through. But most of all, she talks about how the most tragic and painful parts of our lives can become what drives us to make change. Even beyond this one issue, she talks about how we should all be able to show compassion for another’s suffering. And perhaps that compassion should be what we lean on when we decide what direction we want to steer the country.

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