So as I get more than two thirds of the way done with What Happened, I suppose I should lay out my plan for what’s coming up next. I first plan to finish my reading of Dragon Teeth by Micheal Crichton. I plan to spend some time on fiction next, covering Stephen King and Dan Brown. I have a bit of an old-new-old-new pattern with these two authors. I plan to read a timely King classic, It, then his newest release and collaboration with his son, Sleeping Beauties Granted, this will take me a while. Speaking of which, I plan to stick a nonfiction break in and read Grant by Ron Chernow. Then I’ll move on to Dan Brown, first with one of his earlier works, Deception Point, moving on to his latest work, Origin. 

I’m looking at the stack of books in front of me with anticipation. I can’t wait to keep this project rolling and seeing what comes up even further into the future!


Update to the update: so I just read the whole Donna Brazile situation. So….I’m going to talk about Hacks. American politics. Keeps you on your toes.

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