What Happened: Part 13

To quote Hillary Clinton quoting Bernie Sanders, this chapter covers “those damn emails.” This chapter is a long one without a whole lot of new information, if I must be quite honest. This post might be a bit shorter just because this chapter just felt like a lot of reiteration of what we already, for the most part, know.

I don’t know how I felt about the situation that Clinton poses in the opening paragraphs of the chapter. She talks about how she thinks the whole email scandal would be viewed in thirty years. I don’t know if in thirty years we’re going to call email “primitive”. Like…do we call technology from the late 1980’s primitive? Sure, some kids don’t know what a floppy disk is, but…this story is just one of a few pseudo-strawman scenarios that Clinton sets up. I feel like those are the weaker points of her book.

And I get how the emails are frustrating and were covered too much but…if Clinton thinks that we talked about them too much, why did she devote her longest chapter to the emails? Well, one of the longest at least. It’s hefty.

Let me just talk about what I think about the whole situation and be done with it. I didn’t like that she used the private email account. It’s not that she actually did anything wrong with it. In fact, what happened with her account was the best case scenario. But it opens up the opportunity to abuse that technology. Sure she handled it reasonably well, but it was the principal that bothered me. It came across as careless and irresponsible. Just because not a lot happened doesn’t mean that not a lot could have happened. But I have no idea of what to say that hasn’t already been said ad nauseum. Sorry if this isn’t a very satisfying analysis but there’s not really anything to add to this conversation.

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