Month: November 2017

Dragon Teeth: part 5

Okay, I’m back and ready to update my discussion of Dragon Teeth! So, since it’s been a while, it might be a good idea to catch up on the last four posts. So, just so you know, the chapters in this book aren’t numbered, and some of them are pretty short,

What Happened: Part 16

Sorry that I missed a post yesterday. I’m still in school and I had a bit much on my plate. But I’m back! The last few chapters, I’ve been a bit more critical of Clinton’s account of the 2016 election. Admittedly, this might be because of Donna Brazile’s new information,

What Happened: Part 15

And now, for the most exciting and stressful part of the election: the night itself. November 8th, 2016. Interestingly, Clinton and Trump were physically very close during the election itself. They were only a few blocks away from eachother in New York City. Clinton spent the night with her grandchildren,

What Happened: Part 14

So, yesterday’s post was a bit underwhelming. Sorry about that. But there wasn’t much to say really. But this chapter gets into some really interesting stuff: Fake News. Were fake articles and headlines invented in 2016? No. Was intentionally misleading fase news invented in 2016? No. Did it get a

What Happened: Part 13

To quote Hillary Clinton quoting Bernie Sanders, this chapter covers “those damn emails.” This chapter is a long one without a whole lot of new information, if I must be quite honest. This post might be a bit shorter just because this chapter just felt like a lot of reiteration

What Happened: Part 12

Here, Clinton discusses her campaign efforts in mining areas. Unfortunately, she had to deal with the aftermath of an incredibly unfortunate comment that she made at a rally.  Now, regardless of what she meant, this is not a good look for her. She said that this was part of a

What Happened: Part 11

Here, Hillary Clinton discusses the democratic primaries. Now, given recent events, this is a bit of a complicated topic. But that’s a topic that I’m putting a pin in for now. This book was written in July of 2017, and there’s a whole book being released to talk about the

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