Month: January 2018

Sleeping Beauties: Part 9

As Aurora progresses, neither world is having a good time. Don and Eric continue their town sanctioned rampage. They decide to see what happens when you burn one of the cocoons, and they decide that Essie is the perfect sacrificial lamb. As soon as the flame from Don’s lighter touches

Sleeping Beauties: Part 8

So, this is the halfway point! 8 posts down, and 8 to go! And in classic King style, we finally get to see what it’s like for the women that fall asleep. But first, what’s it like for those that are left behind? Well, it seems like our good buddy

Sleeping Beauties: Part 7

The first half or so of this section features Frank. What a joy. Frank’s wife and daughter have fallen asleep, and he’s pissed. He goes to the  bar to drink. In the bar, there’s a sort of pseudo sermon about how women have “flown too close to the sun” and


My normal post will be up later, but i just want to say that recently I had a review published on onlinebookclub. It’s quick but if you’d like to give it a read I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

Sleeping Beauties: Part 6

In the last section, I didn’t talk about the little glimpse that we got into the experience of actually being in the coccoon. I thought that there would be a bit more elaboration, but it seems I was mistaken. In the beginning of this section, there’s another glimpse into the

Sleeping Beauties: Part 5

With everything that’s happened in Dooling, it’s kind of mind blowing that it’s only day one of Aurora. Already, there’s mass panic. Already, there’s looting and fighting. Women are falling to the Aurora Disease one by one. We get another look at those affected in the women’s prison. Now, we

Sleeping Beauties: Part 4

As I move on into the book, I encounter yet more evidence that every single man or boy in Dooling is just…awful. So, as we saw earlier, Old Essie has fallen prey to the Aurora Disease. Eventually, a group of boys from Dooling High School come across her in her

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