Sleeping Beauties: Part 3

I’m back! It’s been a while, that’s for sure. But I have certainly enjoyed my little vacation to visit my family and friends. But, now I’m back and ready to review!

So, now the condition known as the Aurora Disease is spreading through Dooley. So far, we’ve seen a survivor of Eve’s attack on the trailer, an inmate in the Dooley Correctional Facility, and a homeless woman. And all the while, the time press is painfully clear. People can only stay awake for so long, but they have to hold out as long as they can to avoid Aurora.

Now, I’ve started to ask the following question: Are ANY of the men in Dooling decent people? At this point I’ve got about 400 pages to go, so I’m kind of doubting it. Between violent abusive animal control officers, chauvanistic pool guys, sex predetor prison guards, and so many other utter asshats…is anyone decent? The women of Dooling are a bit better, but it’s kind of a trope I see sometimes where…eveyone is just awful. Now, I’m going to hold off judgement until the story goes on but…the trope that these types of stories tend to follow make me a bit nervous. Is this story going to present men as wild savages? Is this story going to present women as their wranglers and caretakers? It’s a trope that’s pretty insulting, no matter what your gender is.  Men, do you want to be seen as so dumb that you can’t perform basic adult functions, or be able to function in society? Women, do you want to have all of the perceived responsibility on your shoulders, unworthy of a partner that is your equal, and unable to raise a son into a decent human being? Nonbinary people don’t even fit into this trope, and are swept under the rug as a result. Now, do I want this to happen? No. Do I expect this to happen? Judging by the synopsis on the dustcover, it’s likely. Do I want to be wrong? Absolutely.

Now, my posts on this book might end up being a bit shorter than previous books. the Kings sure love their details, and while it makes for an incredibly interesting read, it also leads to a pretty slow pace. Patience is truly a virtue for a King fan. I try to avoid too many spoilers or the jucier details from the chapter (though it’s hard to avoid as I go part by part rather than the whole book). However, I don’t want to be too repetative as things mosey along. Still, despite my reservations, I remain cautiously optimistic and I look forward to the fourth section of the book.

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