Sleeping Beauties: Part 5

With everything that’s happened in Dooling, it’s kind of mind blowing that it’s only day one of Aurora. Already, there’s mass panic. Already, there’s looting and fighting. Women are falling to the Aurora Disease one by one.

We get another look at those affected in the women’s prison. Now, we see both the inmates and the police force seperately try to use substances to keep themselves awake and try to keep themselves awake as long as possible. In a great irony, the inmates, the convicted criminals, try to brew a hyper-strong coffee brew, while the police plan to raid the evidence locker for stimulants. It’s just a funny little play on our perceptions. There’s also a really nice story of two women that became lovers after they were cellmates. It’s a bit later on, and I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s a nice transition into a description of the experience that the victims of the Aurora Disease are having.

But before I get into that, I have to talk about my favorite little brat, Jerod. He has a little adventure where he helps Mary and one of his neighbors get to the store to get speed from one of the employees. The trip is ultimately futile, but at least Jerod gets to prove what a nice guy he is and he finally gets to kiss Mary. After he snaps at her.  For being involved with someone he doesn’t like. I just…can’t help but groan at this. He was acting as childish as Mary said he was. He’s angry with her for choosing the “bad boy” over the “nice guy”. I can’t help but be frustrated by the fact that this goes well for Jerod. Mary doesn’t call him out for just grabbing her and kissing her after antagonizing her. I won’t belabor the point, I’ve gone over this before. But I can’t help but be disappointed that this story seems to be falling into the cliched trope of the “nice guy” who feels entitled to women’s romantic attention.

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