Sleeping Beauties: Part 6

In the last section, I didn’t talk about the little glimpse that we got into the experience of actually being in the coccoon. I thought that there would be a bit more elaboration, but it seems I was mistaken. In the beginning of this section, there’s another glimpse into the mind of an animal. We follow the fox after he was injured when we last saw it. He comes across Evie’s footprint, and it heals his injuries after a hawk told him to do so. Now, I realize that I don’t put any of this as well as the Kings do. Hear me out, it’s a really pretty scene. I don’t know who masterminded these sections, but they’re some of my favorite parts. It’s a nice oppertunity to take a breath in between the chaos of the rest of the story.

There’s a lot of focus on the Dooling Correcitonal Facility here. While inmates are trying to stay awake, Evie shows more of her powers. First of all, for some reason she can fall asleep and wake up with no problem. And she knows every inmate and what they’re in for without anyone telling her. And she can release swarms of moths from her mouth. So my bet is that she’s going to be up to more supernatural antics later. Now unfortunately, after there’s an altercation and Claudia sees that Ree is falling asleep in her cell, she tries to remove the strands of cocoon forming on her body. As with every other victim of Aurora that this has happened to, Ree becomes extremely violent, forcing a guard to shoot her in the head. All of this happens after Clint Norcross goes to check on Lila and Jerod.

And then there’s Frank. We get to see more of Frank’s…antics, whether in the present or the past. After his daughter falls to the disease, his wife brings up an incident with a man named Fritz. Now, Fritz is someone I can only really describe as a racist caracature. Now, I don’t mean that he’s a disrespectful portrayal of an ethnic group. I mean that he’s a caracature of a racist. Or at least I would say he is if I didn’t know of people just as bad. Fritz is the type of bigot that you can hardly actually exists after like…1940. Frank beat Fritz within an inch of his life for torturing a dog. Now, I am in no way justifying mistreatment of animals. Hell, I don’t even eat meat. But I just have to say it again…Every man in Dooling is awful. Violent awful with no anger management skills meets bigoted awful that doesn’t realize that your cultural background doesn’t excuse antisemitism. I hate to repeat myself, but wither this book is going to be a grand parody of some pretty tired tropes, or Stephen and Owen King seems to have pretty low opinions of their fellow men.

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