Sleeping Beauties: Part 9

As Aurora progresses, neither world is having a good time. Don and Eric continue their town sanctioned rampage. They decide to see what happens when you burn one of the cocoons, and they decide that Essie is the perfect sacrificial lamb. As soon as the flame from Don’s lighter touches the cocoon, it is engulfed in a ball of flames that hovers in the air, then explodes into a swarm of moths, leaving the surrounding foliage untouched. Now, this isn’t the first time people have tried burning the Aurora victims, but it begs the question: what happens to the women in Our Place if their bodies are destroyed?

We don’t have to wonder for long. Essie has taken to spending her time with Lila in Our Place. Lila doesn’t mind really, Essie keeps to herself while Lila gardens. Until she just disappears.

It’s not just burning, it turns out that the women in Our Place are affected by whatever happens to their physical bodies back in the “real” world. Then again, who’s to say that one world is more real than the other? Who knows.

Another question that comes up is that of Tiffany. She’s pregnant. How is that going to work? I suppose that technically there’s a physical form on Earth, since the fetus is in her physical body. But she’s had months of development in a couple of days. Essentially, everyone’s bodies are out of sync between the two worlds.

This section raises some really interesting questions, and even though it’s a little light on actual plot, it’s a nice opportunity to take a breath and explore the world of Sleeping Beauties.

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