Sleeping Beauties: Part 12

Things just go from bad to worse in this section. Both sides are preparing for war. Frank Geary is taking more control of the police force, and they’re preparing to take the prison by force. With a bazooka.

Now, that leads me to a minor criticism that I have. I’m all for foreshadowing and parallelism in literature, but there is such thing as too clear. As Clint prepares to defend the prison, and specifically Evie, he notes that it would take a bazooka to break through the wall. That was just a little too on the nose for my taste. I admit that I audibly groaned at that point.

Meanwhile, as she contemplates what she was forced to do to Ree, Van decides to take her own life to atone for it. Plus, she doesn’t know if she would ever wake up once she fell asleep, and her elderly husband would have to deal with her cocooned body.

There’s a certain portrayal of suicide that I’ve seen in some media and storytelling, but usually in older or historical narrative. The concept that suicide would be an option to ease one’s burden or to atone is one that doesn’t sit too well with me. But it’s an issue that has a discussion that far exceeds the scope of this book review.

Suicide is at the center of a web of culture, mental health, circumstances, and so much more. It’s difficult to talk about, and it’s awful that so often it’s not taken seriously. While Van eventually decided against the immediate end of her life, and she decides to go after those planning to storm the prison, though if she goes down in the process she’s okay with that

Now, I just feel like I should post this list in case anyone reading this needs to reach out for help.

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