Month: March 2018

Thoughts on Adaptations

I’m in between books at the moment, but I’m just going to share some thoughts of mine to sort of tease my next little project. Now there tends to be the saying that the book is better than the movie, play, etc. And many times, that’s true. So why are

From Here to Eternity: Part 10

So here we reach the end of From Here to Eternity. Doughty finishes off the book with some of her thoughts, so I’ll do the same with mine. Did this book change my views on death? I think it did. Am I comfortable with death now? I don’t really know

From Here to Eternity: Part 9

After Caitlin Doughty’s around-the-world death exploration, she returns to her home in California to cover one final death. A woman was to receive a natural burial in Joshua Tree, California, facilitated by her funeral home. She was simply wrapped in a cotton shroud and placed in a three-foot-deep hole in

From Here to Eternity: Part 8

I’m back! At least for now. I’m on spring break and I’m a little farther from the fast-paced stressful studies that were taking such a toll on my mental health. So, as we dive back into Caitlin Doughty’s travels in search of the good death, we go to La Paz, Bolivia.

Where have I been?

Hey so…I haven’t posted in a minute. I’ll be back soon, but I needed a bit of a mental health break. I’m a student, and midterms have been putting a lot of pressure on my mind. I don’t want to just churn out a rushed post that I didn’t take

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