Month: April 2018

House of Cards: Part 6

Urquhart is running out of time as Parliament nears its summer recess. He needs to set the final gears in motion before everyone leaves for vacation. Advertisements

House of Cards: part 5

After that… Interesting interview, Urquhart continues his shady dealings. Nice days after the interview, Urquhart invites O’Neill to St. James’ street club, which is a pretty exclusive place for politicians. To O’Neill, this invitation represents his “rising eminence in the Party.” Still, he decides to drink both before and during

House of Cards: Part 4

Okay, so this chapter got me really emotional.

Bone Hill:The Concert

Trigger Warning: This story deals with a show that I saw recently. it deals with racism, racial violence, and rape. If these topics are upsetting to you, you might want to skip this post. Stay safe. This weekend, I had the unique opportunity and privilege to see Martha Redbone’s Bone Hill: The

House of Cards: Part 3

Michael Dobbs’ writing style starts to really shine through as I get into the third part of House of Cards. Roger O’Neill remains at the center of the first chapter of this section. He’s at an event celebrating the election and the predicted victory for the incumbent party. It’s mostly an

House of Cards: Part 2

Right off the bat, we get more information about Charles Collingridge’s character. He’s the prime minister’s little brother that never seemed to be able to live up to him, despite the privileges that they shared growing up. Still, despite his drunkenness and general lack of political talent, Charles still has

House of Cards: Part 1

With my forward out of the way, let’s get right into Michael Dobbs’ House of Cards! First of all, what took me off guard is that the book takes place in England. Again, I know very little about either the book or the adaptation at this point, but the Netflix series

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