A Disclaimer On my Next Project

So, I’m planning to do an extended version of what I did for Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Love, Simon. Next up on the docket is House of Cards, both the book and the Netflix series. Now, I am fully aware of the allegations against Kevin Spacey. This book and series has been on my to-do list for a while, but I can’t help but squirm. However, Kevin Spacey’s actions do not reflect the hundreds of other people that have been involved in House of Cards, So I still feel comfortable going into this story. I plan to separate the character from the person, and judge the story apart from its unfortunate choice of leading actor.

Why am I still going through with this? Well, this is a title that I’m going into completely blind, I have not read the book nor have I watched the Netflix series. However, just a quick overview of the book’s synopsis raises questions about the creative decisions in its adaptation. It’s something I still want to explore and write about.

So just to make things clear and address the elephant in the room, my choice to review this work as well as my opinions that will form as I read and watch, do not imply that I condone or support the actions that Spacey is accused of.

I may be addressing a non-issue here, but this is really a post I needed to make for myself. I felt like I needed to air out my feelings on the matter.

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