Month: May 2018

House of Cards: Part 12

As hard as Henry Collingridge had been trying to hold his party together, his career just couldn’t handle this latest scandal. Whether or not he and his brother are guilty of the financial dealings of which they were accused. Collingridge meets with his cabinet to discuss his resignation. He tells

House of Cards: Part 11

Enough of the buildup, it’s time for Francis Urquhart’s plan to finally fall into place. Henry Collingridge takes the worst timed after-breakfast walk of his career at the beginning of this section. He left before his secretary was about to give him some pretty bad news. Instead, he finds out

I saw Book Club and I need to talk about it.

content warning: This post mentions some sexual themes, including sexual assault/rape. If that’s something that you want to avoid, I’d advise you to click away.

House of Cards: Part 10

After that meeting, we take some time to check on Mattie.

House of Cards: Part 9

Patrick Woolton has an abrupt meeting with Francis Urquhart. It seems like it’s not a good thing to have a surprise meeting with the Cheif Whip. In fact, Woolton seems to have a guilty conscience, considering that his first assumption is that Urquhart discovered some kind of dirt on him. 

House of Cards: Part 8

Mattie is at a loss as to what to do. Her editor rejected her story outright, leaving her with nothing. If she wants any hope of getting her story published, she has to find some way to verify the source of the poll.

House of Cards: Part 7

This may be the seventh part of my review, but this is only the second part of the book. I was originally planning to review part 1 in its entirety as a single post, but as you can probably guess, there was a bit too much information to really do

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