House of Cards: Part 9

Patrick Woolton has an abrupt meeting with Francis Urquhart. It seems like it’s not a good thing to have a surprise meeting with the Cheif Whip. In fact, Woolton seems to have a guilty conscience, considering that his first assumption is that Urquhart discovered some kind of dirt on him. It turns out that what Urquhart has to say is much grander than any affair that Woolton’s afraid of getting caught in. There’s trouble in Party Paradise, and Urquhart’s already turning gears behind the scenes. He had set up the date with Penny and had O’Neil tell her that it was Woolton’s idea that whole time. Now that Urquhart has that out of the way and Woolton is on his good side, he can drop the proverbial bomb.

Like Urquhart leaked the Party’s failing polls to Mattie, he’s starting rumors within the party itself.  Though, I suppose it’s not a rumor if it’s true. Still, this is information that is not meant to be known even within the Party.

It takes very VERY little effort for Urquhart to get Woolton to tell him that he wants to run for Prime Minister. It’s barely news to Woolton that Collingridge is probably on his way out. In fact, Urquhart manages to get Woolton to tell HIM that Collingridge is bad for the Party.

That does lead me to one thing I noticed about this section of the book. It’s extremely dialogue- and exposition- heavy. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but the reader needs to be prepared for a LOT of talking. Sometimes the book slows down to a crawl but somehow manages to avoid being too boring. It’s as if the story needs to hit the breaks and explain things to you for a little bit. It’s not awful, but it’s a little frustrating. Especially when talking about it. There’s only so much I can write about a fairly short conversation written out in every…last…detail.

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