House of Cards: Part 12

As hard as Henry Collingridge had been trying to hold his party together, his career just couldn’t handle this latest scandal. Whether or not he and his brother are guilty of the financial dealings of which they were accused.

Collingridge meets with his cabinet to discuss his resignation. He tells them exactly what he’s going to do and he asks them not to tell the press so that his resignation doesn’t become a media circus. So, of course, somebody leaks to the press, denying Collingridge the dignity of a quiet resignation.

And it doesn’t take much to figure out that it was Francis that leaked to the press. It’s not even something he needed to do to take Collingridge out of power. He’s just sadistic. Urquhart gets a thrill from just pouring salt in Collingridge’s wound. He compares the thrill to skydiving. It makes me wonder what kind of prime minister such a cruel, selfish man would make.

Despite everything, Henry isn’t angry with Charles. He realizes that he was focusing so much on his career that he was completely ignoring Charles’ descent into alcoholism. Henry decides that he needs to get his brother some help before it’s too late, so he contacts a doctor in the countryside so that Charles can recover without worrying about prying eyes.

I wonder if Henry realizes that Charles has been framed. I wonder if he even cares. It doesn’t seem like he’s entirely convinced that Charles was even capable of saving up 50,000 pounds to invest without spending it on alcohol first, let alone come up with this whole plan to use insider information to make money off of his brother’s government position.

At this point, Urquart’s door is basically open to Mattie, as long as his wife isn’t home. As if their whole working relationship couldn’t get shadier. Then again, Mattie isn’t the only person at the Chronicle that Urquhart is getting friendly with. He’s also close with Benjamin Landless, who owns the paper.  And of course, as soon as they talk about Mattie, things start getting gross. Still, Landless needs Urquhart to help him get government approval for his merger, and Urquhart needs to stay on the media’s good side. They decide to bond over their mutual admiration of a “pretty blond girl with long legs and great tits.” Because that’s just classy.


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