Month: August 2018

Crazy Rich Asians (2018 Movie)

Now that I’ve reviewed the book, once again it’s time to see how the movie measures up. All in all, I think that it’s a good adaptation. Every film adaptation has differences and omissions from the source material. I tried to keep my review of the novel fairly spoiler-free, but

Crazy Rich Asians (2013 book)

The title of Kevin Kwan’s debut novel is pretty interesting. Is the book about Asians that are both crazy and rich, or is it about Asians that are not only rich but CRAZY rich? I’d argue that there’s a little bit of both in Crazy Rich Asians.

Black Klansman (2014 book)

Content Warning: This book is about the KKK. I will refrain from quoting the actual words of this organization, but there will clearly be sensitive topics: racism, homophobia, anti-semitism, and pretty much any anti- or -phobia you can think of. If that makes you uncomfortable, click away. The new Spike Lee

Blind Injustice

Mark Godsey is a former prosecutor and now is part of the Ohio Innocence Project. After jumping ship, so to speak, Godsey got a look at what exactly goes into a wrongful conviction and why they’re so hard to overturn.

Mama Mia 2: Here we go Again!

Ten years ago, the film adaptation of the musical Mamma Mia was released. This year, an original sequel followed. For anybody not familiar with the story of the first Mamma Mia or the musical by the same name, the story is pretty simple. Sophie is planning her wedding to her fiance Sky at her


Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko is not a large story. But somehow it is. It’s the story of a single family, an ethnically Korean family that lives in Japan. The story starts in Korea, with Sunja. Sunja falls in love with an older man named Koh Hansu. Their brief affair leads to her

Christopher Robin (2018 Movie)

One of the most well-known groups of characters in literature is Christopher Robin and his friends that live in the Hundred-Acre Wood. A.A. Milne’s words and E.H. Shepard’s illustrations have taken an iron hold on the childhoods of countless of us. I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh on TV,

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