The Act: Episode 5

In the fifth episode of The Act, Gypsy start making plans to meet in person and start a life together. After four episodes of buildup, we finally see the wheels turning as Dee Dee’s time runs out.

At first, Gypsy and Nick try to find a way to meet outside of their secret online conversations. They planned to meet at a Springfield movie theater and pretend that it was their first meeting. Nick paid for a bus ticket to Springfield and Gypsy gave him a script of what to say. She wants him to say that he doesn’t think a princess should ever open her own door. Nick struggles to maintain the facade of a first-time meeting. He only created an awkward situation for Gypsy and Dee Dee. Still, Gyspy and Nick slipped away from the movie to have sex in a theater bathroom. Dee Dee almost catches them, but they get away with it.

Once again we see Dee Dee forcing a childlike persona onto Gypsy. When she buy tickets fro Gypsy and herself, she asks for an adult ticket and a youth ticket. I looked up the price of a ticket at the AMC in Springfield, Missouri, since we see an exterior shot of the theater. A child ticket is for patrons under 12 years. Not only does Dee Dee pretend that Gypsy is younger than 24, Dee Dee’s lie gets younger and younger. During the comic convention in “Two Wolverines”, she says that Gypsy is 15. When she runs away with Scott, she claims that she is 14. Now, years later, Dee Dee claims that Gypsy is 12 or even younger.

Another interesting point is that Dee Dee tells Gypsy that Nick looks like a pedophile. It’s an interesting choice of words that I want to unpack. He could have been a creep, or a stalker, or something else. But no, he’s a pedophile. This shows that Dee Dee continues to convince Gypsy that she is younger than she is. It’s an almost throwaway line that adds so much depth to Dee Dee’s character in The Act. In 2015, Gypsy was 24 and Nick was 25, so even if Dee Dee did think that Nick had an ulterior motive, it’s just interesting that she called him a pedophile.

Despite Gyspy’s protests, Nick decides to confess the deception to Dee Dee. He calls the house to say that he’s been in love with Gypsy for years. Dee Dee threatens to call the police on Nick after his confession. Since it’s clear that Dee Dee is not going to approve of their relationship, then they decide to go to plan B.

I like how this episode shows us the mutually toxic relationship between Gypsy and Nick. Yes, Nick pushed Gypsy into sexual situations that she wasn’t comfortable with. But at the same time, Gypsy pressures Nick into plans that need an immense amount of time, effort, and money for Nick. At this point I have seen the next episode and things are only going to escalate.

As we get through the second half of this limited series, we focus less on Gyspy and Dee Dee and more on Nick and Gypsy. We see the mutual toxicity of their relationship. Killing Dee Dee was plan B, the second option to be together. In the next episode, we’re going to see that plan in action.

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