What Happened: Part 13

To quote Hillary Clinton quoting Bernie Sanders, this chapter covers “those damn emails.” This chapter is a long one without a whole lot of new information, if I must be quite honest. This post might be a bit shorter just because this chapter just felt like a lot of reiteration

What Happened: Part 12

Here, Clinton discusses her campaign efforts in mining areas. Unfortunately, she had to deal with the aftermath of an incredibly unfortunate comment that she made at a rally.  Now, regardless of what she meant, this is not a good look for her. She said that this was part of a

What Happened: Part 11

Here, Hillary Clinton discusses the democratic primaries. Now, given recent events, this is a bit of a complicated topic. But that’s a topic that I’m putting a pin in for now. This book was written in July of 2017, and there’s a whole book being released to talk about the

Another update.

So, I’ve finished reading What Happened. I’m writing the posts and putting them in the queue as you read this. I’m finishing Dragon Teeth, next, and for this book I’m changing up the format just a tad. The chapters of this book are like…three pages long. So I’m going to

What Happened: Part 10

Here’s where the book kind of…rubs me the wrong way. I’ve heard some criticism of her book that it was a bit tone deaf, and I think that it shows in this chapter. The thesis that I seem to glean from this chapter is this “you were asking me the


So as I get more than two thirds of the way done with What Happened, I suppose I should lay out my plan for what’s coming up next. I first plan to finish my reading of Dragon Teeth by Micheal Crichton. I plan to spend some time on fiction next,

What Happened: Part 9

Here Clinton discusses the balancing act that she has needed to play in her political career. During the 2016 election, especially during the primary, she was seen as the candidate that represented the status quo. For people that want change, that means that she was the antithesis of what she

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