What Happened: Part 1

Hey, quick disclaimer, things are a little crazy and overwhelming in my life at the moment, so sorry that this went up a bit off schedule. So, this post is going to be both the author’s note and the first chapter, showing up. The note starts with a pretty appropriate

Dragon Teeth: Chapter 1

The first chapter of Dragon Teeth is pretty short. Only a few pages. What happens in that few pages? We get to meet William Johnson. William…Johnson. I sincerely hope that this character gets a redemption arc or some serious character development. Johnson is not somebody that I would want to meet

Mini Bio: Hillary Clinton

So, I’m going to be reading one chapter of three different books per week on this blog. If you want to read along, feel free! I would love to hear comments and thoughts from other people! So, the book I’m going to read for Wednesday is going to be a

Mini-Bio: Michael Crichton

So, It’s come time to discuss the first book I plan to read for this blog! (drum roll) Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton! This book came out in May of this year, and I’ve been DYING to read it. As a kid, I was (and I remain) a huge Jurassic


This is the post excerpt.

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