In J.N. Monk and Harry Bogosian’s Topside, Josephine “Jo” Wilson ventures into an unfamiliar world as she searches for the tools she needs to save the world…from a mistake she made.

The Red Zone: An Earthquake Story

An earthquake devastates an Italian town in Silvia Vecchini and Sualzo’s The Red Zone. The community must come together to repair their town and heal together.

Full Support: Lessons Learned in the Dressing Room

Natalee Woods reminisces about her clients in a high-end department store in Full Support: Lessons Learned in the Dressing Room

The Okay Witch

In Emme Steinkellner’s The Okay Witch, Moth Hush discovers her family’s history as her own magical powers come to the surface.

The Vagina Bible

In The Vagina Bible , Jen Gunter discusses information and misinformation that women face when making decisions about their reproductive health

Einstein: The Poetry of Real

Manuel GarcĂ­a Iglesias and Marwan Kahil take a look at Albert Einstein’s life and work in Einstein: The Poetry of Real


Arthur Less runs from his problems and travels on a solo around the world trip in Andrew Sean Greer’s Pulizter-winning novel, Less.

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