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The Okay Witch

In Emme Steinkellner’s The Okay Witch, Moth Hush discovers her family’s history as her own magical powers come to the surface.


Arthur Less runs from his problems and travels on a solo around the world trip in Andrew Sean Greer’s Pulizter-winning novel, Less.

Killing Us Softly: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine

It’s not news that if you live in a country without universal health care, or you don’t have health insurance, it can get really expensive to stay healthy. This is especially true if you have some kind of chronic condition or you have a cap on the amount of coverage

Crazy Rich Asians (2013 book)

The title of Kevin Kwan’s debut novel is pretty interesting. Is the book about Asians that are both crazy and rich, or is it about Asians that are not only rich but CRAZY rich? I’d argue that there’s a little bit of both in Crazy Rich Asians.

Review: The Outsider

CONTENT WARNING: This review will deal with sensitive topics, including the physical and sexual assault of children, and the murder of children.

The Inquisitor’s Tale

So, I managed to read a book in one day again. That’s a good sign in the case of The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, three Magical Children and their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz. This book is aimed at younger audiences, probably not an adult that saw some shiny metallic details

House of Cards: Part 13

This post will be my final thoughts on House of Cards by Michael Dobbs. I had a few more posts planned, but I ended up finishing the book ahead of schedule. So I’m going to wrap it up now. I also want to avoid spoiling what happens in the later

House of Cards: Part 12

As hard as Henry Collingridge had been trying to hold his party together, his career just couldn’t handle this latest scandal. Whether or not he and his brother are guilty of the financial dealings of which they were accused. Collingridge meets with his cabinet to discuss his resignation. He tells

House of Cards: Part 11

Enough of the buildup, it’s time for Francis Urquhart’s plan to finally fall into place. Henry Collingridge takes the worst timed after-breakfast walk of his career at the beginning of this section. He left before his secretary was about to give him some pretty bad news. Instead, he finds out

House of Cards: Part 10

After that meeting, we take some time to check on Mattie.

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