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Dragon Teeth: Part 15

Here begins William Johnson’s journey back to civilization. Or at least his definition of it. Accompanied by Emily and the Earp Brothers, Johnson sets off, ever on his guard for Black Dick Curry’s attack. On the way there, they do get attacked, but Wyatt Earp doubts that it’s the last

Dragon Teeth: Part 14

After that exercise in futility, Johnson finds himself in nearly the same place that he was before. Black Dick Curry is just more angry with him. And not only that, the whole point of everything is just moot, because Dick left town. So again, I have to wonder if this

Dragon Teeth: Part 13

I challenge the reader to think of the most appropriate greeting for Johnson once he starts exploring the town of Deadwood Gulch. What Crichton determined that to be was a corpse in the middle of the street. It’s a common enough occurrence for it to not be that big of

Dragon Teeth: Part 12

Well folks, we’re getting into what I like to think of as the “other” book. There are three parts to┬áDragon Teeth, and they could honestly stand on their own as novellas. Not completely alone, they would still need to be a part of the same series, but they’re all so

Dragon Teeth: Part 11

After some time digging in various dig sites, Johnson makes their most important discovery completely by accident. He tosses some rocks down the hill that he’s digging in when Cope scrambles up, ordering Johnson to stop everything he was doing. Then, once Cope confirms his suspicions, he demands to know

Dragon Teeth: Part 10

Now, this section starts with a good example of how skewed Cope’s priorities. While their first site was good for finding bones, the water was awful. You would think that that would be one of the group’s priorities, making sure that they have access to the thing they would die

Dragon Teeth: Part 9

Here we finally get to what we came here for: dinosaur bones. Cope has his students assist him in excavating dinosaur bones in a cliff face. The students don’t see the bones at first, but eventually (not as fast as Cope would prefer), they see where the landscape ends and

Dragon Teeth: Part 8

Here we meet the final member of Edward Cope’s party. A Shoshone man named Little Wind. Now, full disclosure, I am not terribly familiar with the Shoshone culture. I’m not sure how stereotypical or offensive this portrayal may be, I’m just reporting what I see in the book. Cope hired

Dragon Teeth: Part 7

Here we get to the part of the book where Johnson’s luck begins to run dry. He wakes up to meet the group to get on the train only to find that they left him behind. I have to really commend Crichton for a little bait and switch that he

Dragon Teeth: Part 6

Okay, my tests are done for now, so I’m working on filling my queue and getting back on track. Thanks so much for your patience. At the beginning of this section, the students and Marsh arrive in Chicago, Illinois. I like the emphasis that Crichton puts on the perspective on

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