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Sleeping Beauties: Part 14

And here we are: the end of Sleeping Beauties. The two forces meet in the Dooling Correctional Facility, and somehow they manage to refrain from blowing each other up. Evie keeps antagonizing Frank, trying to get him to kill her. Clint manages to calm Frank down, without any help from

Sleeping Beauties: Part 13

The battle looms ever closer, and the first shots are fired. Now, there were a few things I missed in the last section, just since there wasn’t quite as much elaboration. We’re introduced to two brothers, the worst kinds of people, even for Stephen King villains. They’re not actually allied

Sleeping Beauties: Part 12

Things just go from bad to worse in this section. Both sides are preparing for war. Frank Geary is taking more control of the police force, and they’re preparing to take the prison by force. With a bazooka. Now, that leads me to a minor criticism that I have. I’m

Sleeping Beauties: Part 11

So, it seems like there was a bit of a hiccup in the editing, since a previous chapter talks about Tiffany’s son, but she goes back to being pregnant soon after. I’m not sure if it was a bit of foreshadowing that didn’t quite work out or what, but it

Sleeping Beauties: Part 10

It seems that the situation with Tiffany’s pregnancy got a little bit more interesting. It’s a boy. As far as the women of Our Place know, he’s the only male on earth. And he’s perfectly healthy. But Lila realized that if they come across a sperm bank with enough viable

Sleeping Beauties: Part 9

As Aurora progresses, neither world is having a good time. Don and Eric continue their town sanctioned rampage. They decide to see what happens when you burn one of the cocoons, and they decide that Essie is the perfect sacrificial lamb. As soon as the flame from Don’s lighter touches

Sleeping Beauties: Part 8

So, this is the halfway point! 8 posts down, and 8 to go! And in classic King style, we finally get to see what it’s like for the women that fall asleep. But first, what’s it like for those that are left behind? Well, it seems like our good buddy

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