Tag: True Crime

The Act: Episode 6 “A Whole New World”

Gypsy and Nick run from their crime as we see the very beginning of Dee Dee and Gypsy’s relationship.

The Act: Episode 5

After two years of online messaging, Gypsy and Nick want to meet in real life. After a catastrophic first impression, Gypsy decides to go to plan B, killing her mother so that they can be together.

A Father’s Story

A biography of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer from one of the people that knew him best: His Father. Topics discussed could be upsetting, so reader discretion is advised.

My Friend Dahmer

Content Warning: as the title suggests, this book discusses Jeffrey Dahmer. It includes sensitive topics such as murder, sexual assault, pedophilia, cannibalism, and necrophilia. Also, this book deals with the cruel and hurtful mocking of people with disabilities. “Pity him, but don’t empathize with him.” John “Derf” Backderf says in

Thoughts on Member of the Family

The name Charles Manson is pretty loaded in the American Psyche. His infamous murder spree is the stuff of legend. In fact, serial killers such as Manson have captured the morbid fascination of so many people over time. From Jack the Ripper to the Zodiac Killer to Manson and more,

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